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We offer a variety of solutions that will help you drive long-term, sustainable results. How can we help you today?

I Need Help With Marketing

From the basics of optimizing your Social Media Profiles to kick ass SEO so simple your 5 year old niece can do it!

I Need More Traffic To My Website

Ah. Yes. Them eyeballs! We have a treat for you! This course is JAM PACKED with tips, tricks, how-to's on how to drive traffic from google, facebook, twitter, instagram etc...etc...etc. We teach you the secrets of luring those prospective clients in with a hook they can't resist and then how to close the deal.

I Need Help With Social Media Presence

People are social. They are on social media to Marketing on social media is a whole different ball game. We teach you where to find your ideal client on social media, how to engage them and then to turn them into lifetime customers.

I'm Not A Good Writer, Help!

Copywriting is crucial. If you don't know how to write a catchy headline, you're done! We show you all the tricks, give you hundreds of examples that will help you write killer headlines and ad copy.

I SUCK At Writing Proposals

We've got you! Learn how you can get paid within 15 minutes BEFORE even writing your proposal. Use our tried and tested phone script, use our proposal template, we have samples, spreadsheets, pdf's, heck EVERYTHING you need to NAIL that proposal on the head. Follow our tips to prevent fighting with your client over additional services not covered in the proposal (you know what I'm talkin' about, right?)

I Want To Be An Affiliate Marketer

Sure! We'll show you everything you need to know about affiliate marketing. How to market, how to set up shop, how to find the best deals on the web to market.

I've Got My Business Set Up. How Do I get Clients.

I'm so glad you asked! In this course we teach you EVERYTHING you need to know to land that big client in less than 30 days!! Saddle up! Let's go!

So I have an idea. How Do I Create A Product To Sell

Easy peasy! We take you from concept to product. We show you how to take that idea in your pretty head and turn it into something to sell. Whether it is an eBook How To or something physical. We'll show you how to produce it fast, how to package it and how to market it to the RIGHT audience!

I Don't Have A Website and Can't Afford To Pay Someone. Can I build One?

ABSOLUTELY!! We'll show you how to build a website FAST, for FREE even if you have ZERO tech skills!! Our step by step training videos and guides shows you EXACTLY how to create STUNNING websites (Hey, start a business building websites and get paid!)

How Do I Create Freebies To Build My Email List

This is fun! We teach you step by step on how to create stunning give-aways to attract the right audience and to build your VERY valuable email list.

I Need To Learn How To Do My Business's Books

Excellent! We have training for that! Bookkeeping and Accounting doesn't have to be boring! Our training is injected with humor but don't let the cartoons fool ya! It's all business! We have simplified the bookkeeping and accounting processes so you can easily understand what needs to be done to be compliant with Uncle SARS and Aunt CIPC.

I Don't Have Time For My Accounts. Can Someone Do It For Me?

Sure! You can take the credit while we take care of the debits! We have a package to suit every single business' needs. Book an appointment with us and we'll work out a customized solution for you. Oh. The Bonus? You'll have 24/7 access to your accounts so you can see what we are doing and how YOUR business is doing. Our state of the art secure software is cloud based so no 'crashed' computer or 'hacker' can get spoil the day.

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