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Hi, I'm Aunty T

I make a pretty cool cartoon, huh? Don't be fooled by the cartoons. The training is all business but...why not have fun along the way, right?? Who says learning has to be boring...not me!! Ready? Let's go!!

What is accounting and bookkeeping ?

Accounting is the art of analyzing, recording, summarizing, reporting, reviewing, and interpreting financial information.
Bookkeeping is one of the components of accounting. Think of accounting as the mom and bookkeeping as one of her children. Bookkeeping is the process of recording and classifying business or personal financial transactions into a usable form that provides financial information about a business or individual.

Why Bookkeeping is so Important

Why would you want to study and learn bookkeeping and accounting and keep up to date financial records anyway? Can’t you hire an accountant to come after the end of the year and get your checkbook and shoe box and do your taxes? Sure you can! And yes you will have adequately fulfilled your taxpayer obligations. But in order to run a business and know what, where, and when to take corrective actions requires accounting information. How do you get and where do you find this financial information? You don’t if you don’t keep accurate and current records about your business financial activities (bookkeeping).
Most, if not all of us, hate keeping records; but, the days of operating a business by the seat of our pants have long gone.
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