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The Basic Bookkeeping Course provides small businesses and individuals wanting to learn the basics of bookkeeping and accounting. Notice I said basics. The site is designed for those that don't want or need time consuming drawn out accounting and bookkeeping courses or tutorials and just want or need to become familiar with bookkeeping and accounting. In other words, a working knowledge. Don't worry, I didn't forget those needing more than the basics. There are follow-up training and THEN SOME!

Some of the Topics Covered ?
  • Bookkeeping’s Importance
  • Bookkeeping’s Mechanics
  • Financial Statements
  • Users of Financial Information
  • Bookkeeper’s Tasks
  • Bookkeeping Family
  • Bookkeeping Language
  • Accounting Equation
  • Debits and Credits
  • Business Transactions
  • General Ledger Journals
  • Financial Statements
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