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Thea Van Straten – Owner & CEO

It’s taken me a long time to come to terms with the fact that I’m addicted to challenge. The harder a problem, the more I want to solve it. This may be the only way to explain the other issue I have…which is…I have too many projects on my plate at one time, always. 

But let me back up a minute. My name is Thea, and I am the owner and Chief Rebel Rouser at Living The Laptop Lifestyle® and TVS Accounting & Business Services. I’ve been helping thousands of business take their dreams online or start from scratch for almost 20 years now. I’m also a qualified Accountant registered with SAIT (South African Institute of Tax Professionals as well as SARS registered. I’m also a member at ICBA.

Here’s the part where I say I’m a “consultant” or a “business coach” or a “bookkeeper” or an “accountant” or a “sales funnel strategist”, or a “marketer” but I’m having a hard time with one word.

In essence, I’m potentially your new best friend, or your worst nightmare.

If you’ve got some big business dreams that haven’t yet come true… And some big business goals that keep slipping through your fingers… And you’re wondering what it takes to finally have a business that turns you on without wearing you out…

Come over here and sit next to me. Because I’m going to tell it to you straight.

After 20+ years of liberating business owners from the curse of “not enough” and the myth of “hard work pays off,” I know, without question, you can make massive amounts of money and impact millions (even if you’ve been struggling for years) if you’re willing to flip the switch in your thinking, chuck the old-school rules in the toilet, and stay true to what lights you up and turns you on.

Because success doesn’t come from hard work, complicated marketing strategies, and/or by repeating 101 affirmations while staring at your face in the bathroom mirror. It comes from changing the way you think and feel about your business. From changing your inner game… so you can let go of what drags you down, focus on what you love, and design a business that makes you happy, wealthy, and free.

How do I know?

Way back in 2003, I was a Law of Attraction coach who couldn’t attract enough clients or money to pay for a cup of coffee. No fooling. I was up to my eyeballs in debt and paying for milk and eggs with my last, maxed-out credit card. And hey, it wasn’t because I wasn’t working my tail off to get clients. I was doing everything my coach and all the top marketing experts were telling me to do. And more. I was doing books or businesses and taking care of their administration as a freelancer to help me get by whilst trying to discover exactly what it is I was supposed to do on this planet.

But every time I pushed to do more, market more, or sell more, I made less money. And I only attracted clients who drove me crazy. Until (finally) I got an effing clue and flipped the friggin’ switch on how I was thinking about myself, my business, and what was possible for me.

I dumped all of the strategies, rules, and tactics I’d learned over time (and taken on out of fear and desperation), cleared out my mental money blocks, and stepped fully into who I wanted to be in my business (a badass, in-charge CEO with the authority, power, and freedom to do what I loved).

I stopped listening to the advice of experts and listened to my heart, my inner guidance, and created offers and products that made me happy. I stopped trying to “get” clients and focused on serving them instead. And I focused on what was fun, rewarding, and thrilling for me.

And bam! I tripled my income in just 9 months. I started jetting around the world learning and coaching others.


All of my best clients showed up without me having to do a thing. I started orchestrating (and loving) 6-figure launches that grew my tribe, created connections with top-notch leaders around the world, and built a business that generates more than enough money to keep my family and me living the good life.

But you know what? I’m just getting started. Every year, I generate more profit while consciously expanding my free time and fun. And so do my clients.

I’ve helped thousands of committed business owners double, triple, and even quadruple their incomes. Not by doing more or following some ancient strategy, but by doing what they love, following their heart, and changing the way they think.

Are you next?

I hope so. Because I can’t wait to show you how to flip your money switch, attract all the clients you want, double or triple your profits, and have more fun in your business than you ever thought possible.

The long and short of it is… I teach business owners how to do their accounts right, market themselves online, make money, and live big, bold, and brave lives. When they get too busy, well, I take over the Bookkeeping and Accounting reigns so they can go fishing, or travelling or just relaxing.

I’m available for coaching, mentorship, and speaking opportunities but…You should know…I walk around barefoot every day to keep me grounded in reality.

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